Oxford English for Careers: Medicine 2: Students Book by Sam McCarter

By Sam McCarter

Drugs 2 teaches pre-work scholars to speak adequately and successfully in English, with sufferers and associates.

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Then compareyour descriptionwith a partner. ,only about 45per centof ... Whereas... Whilst... a smallerproportionof / fewer secondary schoolstudentsconsider More generalpractitionersthan medicalacademics (approximately90 per centand 75respectively)thought... exceeded/ surpassed/ wasgreater than ... a greaterproportion of generalpractitioners(approximately60%) th an. or . . s. t at et h a t Verbs benefitfrom copewith dependon get at get down get on ger over get throughto worry about Adjectives on eoS e on top of the w orl d Ureful r€fer€n(e OxfordHandbookof Psychiatry2nd edition, S empl eet al ,l S B N978-O-19-92f946-7 4 4 Unit 6 Checkup I Describethe picturesbelow listeningt Pickingup the threadof what is beingsaid It can be difficult to pick up the thread of conversations when people are speakingfast and when you come into them from outside oncethey have started.

5 The been normal and without epidural analgesiauntil then. In eachcaseyou will haveto changethe form of the word. z lne not lncrease the likelihood of severebleeding if the labour has of the placentain a managed third stageis causedby drug induced contraction. of causing your placenta to peel away from the wall of your uterus. Other longer-lasting contractions wi-llclose the cervix, so your placenta will need to be delivered within about 7-8 minutes. :'plan(n)a system cf careagreedwith t he pa tien t aT *,}} , f ", -{':-* Work in groups of three.

Rs (n)studyof populatio na nd p op ula t ion change s your progressin this unit. Assess Tick(/) the statementswhich aretrue. Usethesequestionsto help you analysethe essay topics a-c below. How? 2 Aretheythe sametypeof essay? 3 Are they factual? 4 Doesone requiredescriptiononly? 5 Do any of them require an evaluationwhere you state an oplnion and support it by giving reasonsor examples? 6 Canyouusethe factualinformationin onet^ crrnnnrtthp reasonsin another? a How can governmentsovercomethe problems associated with ageing populations?

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