An Introduction to the Grammar of English, Revised Edition by Elly van Gelderen

By Elly van Gelderen

It's been 8 years when you consider that An creation to the Grammar of English was once first released. the second one version is totally revised and enormously multiplied, specially the place texts, instance sentences, routines, and cartoons are involved. It keeps to supply a really full of life and obviously written textbook. The publication introduces uncomplicated suggestions of grammar in a structure which encourages the reader to exploit linguistic arguments. the fashion of the e-book is attractive and examples from poetry, jokes, and puns illustrate grammatical innovations. the point of interest is on syntactic research and facts. although, specified subject sections give a contribution sociolinguistic and old purposes in the back of prescriptive ideas comparable to the bans on cut up infinitives, dangling participles, and preposition stranding. The ebook is written for undergraduate scholars and established for a semester-long direction. It presents workouts, keys to these routines, and pattern tests. it is also a accomplished thesaurus. A easy web site may be saved up at

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G. manner (wisely, fast, quickly, slowly), or duration (frequently, often), or speaker 15 16 An Introduction to the Grammar of English a­ ttitude (fortunately, actually), or place (there, abroad), or time (then, now, yesterday). As well and also, and negatives such as not and never, are also adverbs in that they usually modify the verb. When adverbs modify adjectives or other adverbs, they are called degree adverbs (very, so, too). These degree adverbs have very little meaning (except some that can add flavor to the degree, such as exceedingly and amazingly) and it is hard to find synonyms or antonyms.

Phrases are very often coordinated by means of and or or and a structure for this is given in Section 4. In Section 5, more precise rules are given on how to identify phrases and on how to construct trees. 36 An Introduction to the Grammar of English 1. The noun phrase (NP) An NP such as the nice unicorn is built around a noun, namely, unicorn. This noun (or N) is called the head of the NP. We can find the head in a simple way by thinking how we’d shorten the phrase and still keep the essential part, as in a telegram.

The grammatical categories Determiner and Coordinator do not form phrases of their own but function inside a Noun Phrase (NP), Verb Phrase (VP), Adjective Phrase (AdjP), Adverb Phrase (AdvP), or Prepositional Phrase (PP). The grammatical category Auxiliary functions inside a Verb Group (see Chapter 6) and the Complementizer connects one sentence to the other and is head of a CP, as we’ll see in Chapter 7. In Sections 1 and 2, the structure of phrases is examined. The head of a phrase is important, but often this is intuitively understood.

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