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Then we have the standard triangular decomposition g = n− ⊕ h ⊕ n+ . 39 2. Finite-dimensional modules 40 The even subalgebra admits a compatible triangular decomposition g0¯ = n− ⊕ h ⊕ n+ , 0¯ 0¯ where n± = g0¯ ∩ n± . Let b = h ⊕ n+ and b0¯ = h ⊕ n+ . 1) g = g−1 ⊕ g0 ⊕ g1 , where g−1 (respectively, g1 ) is spanned by all Ei j with i, j ∈ I(m|n) such that i > 0 > j (respectively, i < 0 < j). Note that g−1 and g1 are abelian Lie superalgebras, and that the Z-degree zero subspace g0 coincides with the Z2 -degree zero subspace g0¯ .

Let g be a basic Lie superalgebra. A necessary condition for the finite dimensionality of the g-module L(λ) is that λ is Φ+ -dominant integral. 0¯ Proof. Follows by noting that λ is a highest weight with respect to Φ+ for L(λ), 0¯ regarded as a g0¯ -module. In this subsection we consider g = spo(2m|2n + 1) and let Φ+ be the standard positive system for g. ) conditions for Lie algebras sp(2m) and so(2n + 1). 8. Let g = spo(2m|2n + 1) with g0¯ = sp(2m) ⊕ so(2n + 1). c) λ1 ≥ . . ≥ λm with all λi ∈ Z+ .

Non-conjugate positive systems and odd reflections 19 Using this, we obtain an odd non-degenerate invariant symmetric bilinear form (·, ·) on q(n) defined by (g, g′ ) = otr(gg′ ), g, g′ ∈ q(n). 7. 3. Non-conjugate positive systems and odd reflections In this section, positive systems, fundamental systems, and Dynkin diagrams for basic Lie superalgebras are defined and classified, along with Borel subalgebras. In contrast to semisimple Lie algebras, the fundamental systems for a Lie superalgebra may not be conjugate under the Weyl group action.

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