All About Maude - A High-Performance Logical Framework: How by Manuel Clavel, Francisco Durán, Steven Eker, Patrick

By Manuel Clavel, Francisco Durán, Steven Eker, Patrick Lincoln, Narciso Martí-Oliet, José Meseguer, Carolyn Talcott

This booklet supplies a accomplished account of Maude, a language and approach in accordance with rewriting common sense. Many examples are used in the course of the booklet to demonstrate the most rules and contours of Maude, and its many attainable makes use of. Maude modules are rewrite theories. Computation with such modules is - cient deduction through rewriting. due to its logical foundation and its preliminary version semantics,aMaudemodulede?nesaprecisemathematicalmodel.Thismeans that Maude and its formal software surroundings can be utilized in 3, together reinforcing methods: • as a declarative programming language; • as an executable formal speci?cation language; and • as a proper veri?cation approach. Maude’s rewriting common sense is easy, but very expressive. this offers Maude reliable representational features as a semantic framework to officially signify a variety of platforms, together with types of concurrency, allotted al- rithms, community protocols, semantics of programming languages, and types of mobilephone biology. Rewriting good judgment can also be an expressive common logic,making Maude a ?exible logical framework during which many di?erent logics and - ference structures should be represented and mechanized. This makes Maude an invaluable metatool to construct many different instruments, together with these in its personal formal device surroundings. because of the logic’s simplicity and using complex semi-compilation innovations, Maude has a high-performance implementation, making it aggressive with different declarative programming languages.

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The coincidence of the mathematical and operational semantics is then expressed by the fact that we have an isomorphism TΣ/E∪A ∼ = Can Σ/E∪A . In other words, except for a change of representation, both algebras are identical. 3). The 7 With additional operations, including a sequential composition operation for labeled transitions. 14 1 Introduction equational part E ∪ A should be Church-Rosser and terminating as before. A reasonable strategy (the one adopted in Maude by the rewrite command, see Chapter 6) is to first apply the equations to reach a canonical form, and then do a rewriting step with a rule in R.

Single line comments are started by either *** or ---, and ended by the end of line. Multiline comments are started by ***( and ended by ). Parentheses must balance within multiline comments. edu. A moderated list for the discussion of topics of general interest to all Maude users. This list is typically lowtraffic, and contains items such as calls for papers, announcements of new Maude related papers, and notifications of new releases of Maude. It is important that you subscribe to this list if using Maude, as this is the mechanism by which we will make important announcements about the system.

Ideally this specification should be both formal and executable, and should therefore provide an executable mathematical model of the system we are interested in. This is exactly what Maude modules provide. 18 1 Introduction By contrast, when specifying properties of a system we are not necessarily after an executable model of our system. Instead, we assume it, as either already given or to be developed later, and specify such properties in a typically nonexecutable manner: for example in first-order logic, higher-order logic, or some temporal logic.

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