Algebra for College Students by Margaret L. Lial, John Hornsby, Terry McGinnis

By Margaret L. Lial, John Hornsby, Terry McGinnis

The Lial sequence has helped hundreds of thousands of scholars reach developmental arithmetic via its pleasant writing type, a variety of reasonable examples, vast challenge units, and entire vitamins package deal. according to its confirmed song checklist, this revision features a new open layout, extra routines and purposes, and extra gains to assist either scholars and teachers be triumphant.

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Thus, 4 and 41 are multiplicative inverses, as are Ϫ 23 and Ϫ 32 . ) We can extend these properties of arithmetic, the inverse properties of addition and multiplication, to the real numbers of algebra. Inverse Properties For any real number a, there is a single real number Ϫa, such that and a ؉ (؊a) ‫ ؍‬0 ؊a ؉ a ‫ ؍‬0. The inverse “undoes” addition with the result 0. 1 For any nonzero real number a, there is a single real number a such that 1 1 aؒ ‫؍‬1 and ؒ a ‫ ؍‬1. a a The inverse “undoes” multiplication with the result 1.

FIGURE 1 Solve the formula P ෇ 2L ϩ 2W for W. This formula gives the relationship between the perimeter (distance around) a rectangle, P, the length of the rectangle, L, and the width of the rectangle, W. See Figure 1. Solve the formula for W by getting W alone on one side of the equals sign. To begin, subtract 2L from both sides. P ෇ 2L ϩ 2W Step 1 Subtract 2L. P Ϫ 2L ෇ 2L ϩ 2W Ϫ 2L P Ϫ 2L ෇ 2W Step 2 is not needed here. P Ϫ 2L 2W Step 3 ෇ Divide both sides by 2. 2 2 P Ϫ 2L P Ϫ 2L ෇ W or W ෇ 2 2 Now Try Exercise 9.

We can substitute different numbers of tickets to get the costs to purchase those tickets. EXAMPLE 8 Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Evaluate each expression if m ෇ Ϫ4, n ෇ 5, p ෇ Ϫ6, and q ෇ 25. (a) 5m Ϫ 9n Replace m with Ϫ4 and n with 5. 5m Ϫ 9n ෇ 5͑Ϫ4͒ Ϫ 9͑5͒ ෇ Ϫ20 Ϫ 45 ෇ Ϫ65 m ϩ 2n Ϫ4 ϩ 2͑5͒ Ϫ4 ϩ 10 6 1 ෇ ෇ ෇ ෇Ϫ (b) 4p 4͑Ϫ6͒ Ϫ24 Ϫ24 4 (c) Ϫ3m3 Ϫ n2͑ ͙q ͒ ෇ Ϫ3͑Ϫ4͒3 Ϫ ͑5͒2͑ ͙25 ͒ ෇ Ϫ3͑Ϫ64͒ Ϫ 25͑5͒ ෇ 192 Ϫ 125 ෇ 67 Substitute; m ෇ Ϫ4, n ෇ 5, and q ෇ 25. Evaluate powers and roots. Multiply. Subtract.

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