Advances in Aquatic Microbiology by M. R. Droop

By M. R. Droop

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Measurement of nitrogen fixation with N 15 . Limnology and Oceanography, 7, 163-169. Van Niel, G. B. (1931). On the morphology and physiology of the purple and green sulphur bacteria. Archiv für Mikrobiologie, 3, 1-118. Ohle, W. (1958). Typologische Kennzeichung der Gewässer auf Grund ihrer Bioaktivitat. Verhandlungen der internationalen Vereingung theoretische und angewandt Limnologie, 13, 196-211. Ohle, W. (1962). Der Stoff haushält des Seen als Grundlage einer allgemeinen Stoffwechseldynamik der Gewässer.

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Circinalis and A. spiroides. A close relationship has TRENDS IN ECOLOGICAL MICROBIOLOGY 35 been found between photosynthesis and nitrogen uptake. In darkness, nitrogen fixation was practically nonexistent; it was maximal in the surface water layer. For 24 hours, the amount of fixed nitrogen in the 0-1 m layer attained 3 per cent of the total nitrogen of the water. Since the publication of this work determinations of free nitrogen fixation have been carried out in many lakes. A summary of the results obtained has been prepared by Fogg (1971) and is reproduced in Table 7.

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