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Acquired it for my GRE education. now not a lot support. i think GRE is larger point than this booklet. strong luck..

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Valor a. b. c. d. cowardice false drop heavy 188. severe a. b. c. d. lenient cautious join one 189. imaginative a. b. c. d. playful written small dull 190. knowing a. b. c. d. wasteful dense clumsy fast 191. animosity a. b. c. d. love plantlike barren tiny 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 192. exact a. b. c. d. 198. tacit join sympathetic incorrect whole a. b. c. d. 193. extravagant a. b. c. d. grand dictated illicit messy 199. repudiate unknown homebody punctual moderate a. b. c. d. argue soften slander admit 194.

B. c. d. 220. lapidarian unformed unchanging elaborate selective a. b. c. d. 218. vertiginous a. b. c. d. wallflower highway melody plan horizontal litigious constant lowly 44 square secular pasture inelegant 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 186. b. gracious means to be pleasant in a social situation, or cordial; rude means to be unpleasant 187. a. valor means strength of mind or spirit, or courage; cowardice means lack of courage 188. a. one meaning of severe is strict; lenient means mild or indulgent 189.

Tart a. b. c. d. 163. imperial law acid angry desirable a. b. c. d. 158. corner a. b. c. d. 164. diffuse display trap paint hurry a. b. c. d. 159. zest a. b. c. d. gusto cram worry trial a. b. c. d. tired climb decrease bargain a. b. c. d. dormant recent effeminate desirable 167. wretched force block hinder discredit a. b. c. d. 162. throng a. b. c. d. lose loose despair check 166. latent 161. impel a. b. c. d. difficult scatter incomprehensible unplug 165. hinder 160. haggle a. b. c. d. bratty oppressive regal beautiful twisted forced miserable increased 168.

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