365 Meditations for Women by Women by Sally D. Sharpe

By Sally D. Sharpe

This e-book bargains a year's worthy of day-by-day devotional readings from twelve diverse ladies of religion. This publication is for girls of every age. every one day's studying contains a concentration Scripture verse from a mixture of translations, a short mirrored image, and a prayer.

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Lord, today I celebrate and use my unique voice. Amen. ” He answered, “To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given.... '” (Matthew 13:10-11, 13 NRSV) The miniseries Arabian Nights tells of a sultan crazed with fear after surviving a murder plot by his wife and brother. His wife is killed, but his brother, who covets his title, plots revenge and war. The sultan must marry again to retain his throne, but fears another plot. He decides to marry but then kill his bride on their wedding night.

Amen. March 20--Value and Worth The price of wisdom is above rubies. (Job 28:18b KJV) In A Price Above Rubies, Rene Zellweger plays a young Jewish woman suffocated by her life as a wife and mother. While her husband, a kind, selfabsorbed intellectual, spends his time studying and talking about religious matters, Zellweger feels stifled in their closed religious community. Quietly, she slips into a dark depression. Her brother-in-law, the head of the family, agrees to let her work in his fine-gems store.

Discrimination, lack of acceptance, and stereotypes limiting them to certain gender roles are some of the main reasons. This presents a challenge. Even though an institution may have an egalitarian policy, if it is not put into practice, the institution and its people will suffer the dysfunctions of social inequality—which not only maintains the status quo (the traditional roles of women and men) but also limits the discovery and creative use of available human resources and talents. A truly inclusive community is formed only when we learn and teach mutual respect, seeking a shared vision of a harmonious life together as women and men of God.

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